Secure Document Transfer

Send Documents or Messages Securely

  • Protect your information - Protect your privacy

  • Send information securely with strong encryption in your own machine.

How It Works

  • Messages or documents are encrypted in your own machine before being sent to Internet.
  • Encryption is performed with the AES algorythm, which provides the same level of security as cryptocurrencies.
  • The system will create a password for you or it will supervise that your own password has the required security level.*

  • The document is uploaded to the IPFS network, and the system will give you a link to retrieve it.

  • Uploading a document will have a cost in the near future. Downloading will be free.

* We recommend to use passphrases: an easy-to-remember phrase, with some variations to avoid a match with existent texts (i.e. some capitalized word at random or a little tweak in some letter, or a word changed by another)

Options available to the sender

  • Sending text or any kind of document
  • Encrypting locally before sending
  • Setting an inaccessibility date
  • Sending to multiple recipients

Your privacy and information security is our priority

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